Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Port Augusta

We left Broken Hill this morning at around 6am. We hit snooze on the alarm clock quiet a few times before then so I guess neither of us were ready to be awake at 5am as planned. The first 100 kilometres seems to fly every morning and before we know it we have 100 K's on the clock and the sun has risen. Brent and I had the most wonderful conversation this morning while the sun was rising. We talked about how much this trip has exceeded our emotional expectations so far and how it has gone beyond any of the healing hopes we had for it, after the awful year we have had. It's good that we both know that we are thinking, feeling and experiencing the same processes along this journey and its brilliant to know that this journey is helping Brent to heal from the loss he experienced. He deserves to be happy and I am just so grateful that this journey is helping him to find himself. I am so grateful that the sunrises we watch inspire him to get out of bed and enjoy the day. I am grateful that the prospect of a new adventure everyday is enough to keep that smile on his face. But mostly I am grateful for the beautiful conversations we have along the way, where Brent tells me the most heartwarming stories of his childhood with his parents and siblings. I really love the physical and emotional process of this journey around Australia, so far. I can honestly say that theres no way you can do this trip without experiencing some sort of spiritual transformation. There is just so much more beauty in this country than you could ever have accounted for.

On the way to Port Augusta we saw alot of emus, two of them crossed the road so slwoly that we actually had to stop on the highway for them. They are funny looking creatures and seem so much smaller now than they did when I was a child. We saw (yet again) some astounding landscapes/horizons/views, some of which were just completely breathtaking. The sunset this morning was completely different to those of the last few days. The sky turned to a colour I have never seen it before (other than in paintings) an almost "vanilla" tone (Brent said it reminded him of that movie "Vanilla Sky". The sky being that colour just made all of the landscapes transform into pastell masterpieces providing a completely surreal view. It was brilliant because ultimately it was the same old simple, hilly landscapes weve been seeing everyday however this shift in "tone" or colour had just changed it compltely. We also seen the most enormous, regal looking eagle sitting on a short post next to the road. He had his chest puffed out in the proudest of manners and looked absolutely unreal, he was certainly the biggest eagle I have ever seen.

Seeing the "ocean" as we came over the Flinders Range and down into Port Augusta was like a breath of fresh air. It was definately a novelty, which is funny considering we have only been out bush for a week now. Because the Spencer Gulf is... well, a gulf, it isnt like the normal ocean. It's more like an ocean coloured, river. You'd think this would take away from the beauty of it but infact it just enhances it. To come close to the water and see how clear it is (so clear that you can see the bottom) is just such a beautiful sight.

We parked our van at the Port Augusta Big 4 caravan park as we have joined their rewards program and get a discount for staying at their parks so we try to find them wherever we go now. We then had yummy ham and salad rolls for lunch and headed into the town centre of Port Augusta. Crossing over the bridge the water of the Spencer Gulf ust glistened in the afternoon sun, instantly we knew we had to go down to the waters edge. We parked the car at the "foreshore" which has (im assuming recently) been "done up" by the local council and is just pristine. They have those fancy electric toilet blocks that clean themselves and seem to play extremely loud renditions of (elevator style) Burk Baccherach songs. Zac had a big play on the park which was alot of fun for him. They have places exercise equipment around the perimeter of the childrens park so that parents can work out while keeping a close eye on their children playing on the park. Its a really great set up and we are going to try to take advantage of it while we are here.

We went for a walk down to the warf and while we were out there a pod of dolphins passed. They were so beautiful and serene just playing and gliding through the water. The sun had begun to set so the water was glistening and sparkly in that beautiful way it does at that time of the day. We felt really lucky to have come out at just the right time to see the beautiful dolphins.

We are booking in to do a cruise of the Spencer Gulf so that we can see the beautiful red walls and more dolphins and whatever else it has to offer. So hopefully I will have that to blog about in the next few days. Other than that we dont have alot of plans, we do however want to spend at least 3 nights here as we are feeling really exhausted from packing up and moving so much. Tomorrow we are going to go for a walk accross the bridge in town as when they built the new bridge for cars they left the old one there as a nice big walk bridge. Hopefully we see more dolphins.

This seemed "photo worthy". One lone tree.

The first part of the sunrise.

More sunrise

"Love heart" rock my sweet little son found and gave to me at a rest stop

My happy husband! :-)

and our happy little brat! :-)

Port Augusta South Australia

The sun setting over the water of the Spencer Gulf at Port Augusta

Brent and Zach walking along the foreshore at P.A

The Port Augusta bridge and the beautiful clear water that you dont realise is that clear until you look down into it and see to the bottom, not expecting to!

The little sandy beach at the foreshore

Zach and daddy playing on the park

The crazy "fandangled" electric toilets, they even clean themselves!

The little lone tree again.

I wonder what new adventures tomorrow will bring?

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