Monday, July 25, 2011

Cutta Cutta Caves

I wasn't keen at all to go into the Cutta Cutta caves as I have a sort of calustrophobic fear of squeezing through small underground gaps. However when we arrived (and did the 700 metre walk through the bush to the caves) I seen the entry and realised it was actually quiet open. I decided to give it a go. We walked in and the cave was beautiful, but the descent was a little scary. The caves go 200 metres accross and about 20 metres deep and are filled with the most beautiful stalegnite (or whatever those pointy things are called that hang from the roof and come up from the ground) formations. They were gilstening, sparkling, white, orange, absolutely beautiful.
There were snakes in the cave and apparently it is home to alot of bats but thats seasonal. I ended up getting scared about 80 metres in when we came to a section that required you to squeeze through a tiny gap. So I decided to go back out of the caves, thankfully because I was told the squeezes became more difficult from then on. Brent and Zac and our friends Barbara, Matt and Yohana kept going and all said it was even more beautiful and cathedral like further in. Unfortunately I forgot to leave the camera with Brent so we didnt get any photos right deep inside, only of the first 80 metres.

Zac and Johana walking to the caves

Inside the caves
Zachery absolutely loved the caves and Brent said he enjoyed climbing and walking through them. Apparently it got really hot and muggy towards the far end of the caves. Cutta Cutta caves are beautiful and are pretty cheap to go and see too. It was quiet a big deal for me to go underground into a cave so I feel quiet good about my small experience with them despite not going the whole way through. Brent and Zac thoroughly enjoyed the entire walk.
The entry to the cave

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